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Area home and business owners turn to Carnation Blinds & Shutters for all their window blinds in Fort McKinley needs. Regardless of what type of window treatment you need, our Dayton shutter company can help you every step of the way. Our services range from helping you design and custom-order your window covering to delivery of all products, and then final installation and finishing. You get comprehensive service from one company that does it all for you. We are Ohio licensed and certified in all types window treatment including standard blinds, shutters & shades, polycore shutters, Faux Wood blinds and window film. We even do hardwood flooring for any home or business in Southeast Ohio.

Window & Blind Cleaning Service

Even the most constructed blinds need cleaning and maintenance from time to time. With as much daily activity that goes on with your blinds in Fort McKinley, certain components need to be restored from time to time. So before you purchase new blinds, contact us and let us bring new life into your old blinds. We provide environmentally safe cleaning solutions that will not harm the wood or the finish on your blinds while restoring it’s luxurious finish back to new. We do a thorough inspection of all your blinds in order determine which components need to be fixed or replaced. We’ll have your blinds looking and operating like new in no time!

Check Out Our Faux Wood Blinds

Are you looking for an alternative to real wood blinds in Fort McKinley? Then we recommend faux wood blinds. Faux is a mixture of natural wood with PVC or vinyl. You get the appearance of real wood grain, but with a more durable solution that natural wood can’t
offer. Faux wood blinds do not warp, bend, or crack, and they retain their finish much longer. They’re also a more affordable choice for any home or business owner. Faux wood is easier to clean and maintain and holds up well in any room.
It’s also made from eco-friendly materials which makes it a smart choice.

Natural Shades for Your Fort McKinley Home or Business

Shades are a popular choice for any room. With today’s features and accessories operating shades is easier than ever. Shades come in a wide variety of styles that range from neutral tones and organic designs all the way to mold modern bright colors. So whether you’re into warm traditional styles or are going for a more contemporary look we have the perfect shades for you. Shades offer light control with absolute precision and give you total privacy. You can choose from bamboo, roller, or cellular shades. Each has it’s own set of advantages.

Wood Blind Sales and Installation

If you want the real wood window treatment then we recommend wood blinds. There are several benefits to wood blinds such as UV protection, non-porous wood material, child and pet safety features, and energy efficiency. All of our wood blinds in Fort McKinley come with a warranty and are guaranteed to last a long time. Natural wood is an investment that adds real value to your home. They also provide protection from the sun for all your furniture, carpeting, artwork, decor, and hardwood. You can get your wood blinds in a number of stains and finishes that are stain and sun resistant. Go with genuine wood blinds today. You’ll be glad you did.

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If your are in need of window blinds in Fort McKinley then please call 937-643-2907 or complete our online request form to find out about our full selection.

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