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Dayton Shutter CompanyHome to the infamous band Guided by Voices, Dayton is the sixth largest city in the state of Ohio. It sits in the county seat of Montgomery County and houses over 841,000 people. It’s a place where it’s safe to raise a family as many houses there benefit from the services of Carnation Blinds & Shutters.

Our Dayton shutter company offers hardwood flooring as one of our many services. Hardwood flooring helps update your floors and is a great alternative to carpeting. Carpeting can become messy, especially if you have children or pets.

Carpeting needs to be more maintained than hardwood flooring does. And, carpeting needs to be replaced every so many years as it becomes worn down and faded from too much sunlight. Minimal care is required for hardwood flooring.

One of the most important elements of restoring your floors is the care that is put into them. Floor care means vacuuming them every week, not wet mopping and keeping the pet’s nails trimmed. This will preserve your flooring and keep it from damaging.

Dayton Shutters

Shutters are what make a home feel more like a home. Shutters from our shutter company are durable and longer lasting than ones you’d find at home good stores. We install and sell shutters that will definitely make your windows stand out.

Reasons to buy shutters:

  • Decorative
  • Cost-effective
  • Efficient

When it comes to making the home efficient, there’s one way to go about that will lower your heating bills and prevent unwanted drafts and that’s interior shutters. Interior shutters will help to keep the home a lot warmer this winter in Ohio.

Dayton Window Treatments

There are lots of different window treatments available today. Each window treatment offers a little something special in whatever room they are in. They can help lower energy bills, retain heat and also make your windows look great.

Types of window treatments:

  • Shades
  • Shutters
  • Blinds

Blinds are a terrific way to keep the home private. With blinds, you’re able to control them with a wand as the slats can be opened and closed for light or darkness. They are available in all types of composites from wood to vinyl .

This year, dress your window with something better than drapery. Call Carnation Blinds & Shutters for details on how you can get customized window treatments. You’re going to really love them for all they are worth. Call for details today.

We’re a full service shutter company that offers the latest in window treatments and services. You can’t beat our selection and our prices.

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“Carnation Blinds has the best variety of blinds, and the best prices.”

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“Thanks Carnation for the beautiful shutters in my dinning room! Next project: blinds for the living room! Great customer service ;)”

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