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    Faux Wood Blinds in DaytonWood blinds are often the best choice for window treatments but they do have some disadvantages such as not being able to be installed in areas with high humidity levels like in the bathroom or kitchen. You’ll find that there is an alternative to wood as faux wood blinds are great in areas with a lot of moisture. Call our Dayton shutter company and have your blinds installed in no time as we will increase the look of your windows combining it with a functional blind. You’ll enjoy the same look as wood offers but less of a hassle.


    Maintenance is needed for just about everything in the home. Your window treatments are no different from anything else. Some things just require more maintenance than others as faux products do not require much at all.


    Faux comes in two forms:

    • Wood
    • Vinyl

    The wooden variety is made from real hardwoods and plastic polymers. This is what makes the slats so durable. PVC blinds are created solely from vinyl polymer. Both make great blinds which will make the window s in your Dayton home stand out.

    Pros of Faux Wood Treatments

    There are pros and cons to almost everything that we buy nowadays. You’ll notice that faux wood treatments:

    • Coast less to produce
    • Slats do not warp or bend
    • Resist moisture


    One of the best qualities of faux is they make for durable blinds. They do not crack, fade or warp making them perfect for rooms where with heat and humidity. Composite wood blinds are the most durable as they do not scratch.


    If you are one of those who are concerned about the environment, cutting down trees as well as recycling, then your best bet is to go with faux as it’s a type that’s made with recycled materials along with real woods.


    Although real wood has a lot to offer, it’s fairly pricey. But as far as blinds go; faux wood is less expensive and looks just as good. Affordable window treatments are hard to come by these days especially quality made ones.

    Long Lasting

    Faux wood is longer lasting than real wood because of what it’s made from. Real wood employs hardwoods that are prone to damaging over time. Faux does not damage as easily and if maintained can last forever.

    If you’re looking for a blind that has it all, faux wood blinds have everything you need as they mimic the look of real wood, cost less and can be hung in areas with higher humidity levels.

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