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Hardwood Floor Installation in DaytonWhether remodeling or upgrading from carpeting, you’ll love hardwood floors whenever they are installed professionally by Carnation Blinds & Shutters. Since 2005, our Dayton shutter company has been installing flooring. We can install yours too after picking out the hardwoods of your choice. As far as home improvements go; changing out the flooring is a start in the right direction. It’s cost-effective and can make you a much higher profit come time to sell your home.


Part of any remodel is the flooring. It doesn’t matter what room of the home that you start with. Flooring is one of the most important because it’s the ground we walk on and as homeowners we want to feel comfortable wherever we walk.

Hardwood Flooring Types

There are lots of hardwoods that are great for any home, office or apartment. There are differences in the way that each piece is constructed and designed. The finish and harvesting methods are also what make the hardwoods so unique.

  • Solids
  • Engineered
  • Hand-scraped
  • Exotic
  • Distressed


Solid hardwoods come in ¾” thickness. These come from a single piece of hardwood cut into smaller planks. They are only installed above grade which prevents any warping in Dayton. Solid hardwoods are never installed over concrete or concrete slabs.


Engineered floors come available in different thicknesses. These generally range anywhere from ¼” to a ½”. When they are constructed; they are glued together in several wood piles in order to form one single plank.


This type of hardwood is extremely popular. Hand-scraped flooring is wooden planks that have been scraped by hand in order to give each piece a worn, ancient look. These come available in engineered and solid constructions.


The term “exotic” means in terms of being from various places throughout the word. In this case flooring may come from far away areas such as:

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Germany
  • South America


This type of hardwood is very similar to hand-scraped. Distressed hardwoods are a contrast to the hand-scraped as they are machine scraped. This is what gives the hardwoods a unique looking texture which makes it an asset for any home.

Care for Hardwood Floors

Today’s finishes have made it a lot easier to care for hardwoods. There are still some basic procedures that need to be followed in order to keep them maintained:

  • Never wet mop
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Use floor protection for tables and chairs
  • Keep pet’s nails clipped

In order to get the hardwood flooring that you deserve, you need to call us at 937-643-2907 . Carnation Blinds & Shutters has been serving your area since 2005.

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