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    Polycore ShuttersPolycore is a solid synthetic shutter with a co-extruded aluminum core. Polycore shutters offer a baked ion waterborne paint which makes it fire and moisture resistant. These made-to-order plantation shutters are stunning and very fashionable. Carnation Blinds & Shutters can measure and consult with you before purchasing your new window treatments. You’ll find they are simple to keep clean and come in a lot of different selections. They are a very gorgeous shutter that has a modern flair to them. Call our Dayton shutter company today and receive your free in-home consultation.


    Polycore offers a custom designed shutter that is stronger than any other type of synthetic shutter. Along with shutter components, polycore has aluminum reinforcing that’s co-extruded. This makes for a strong and stiff shutter that:
    • Won't crack
    • Won't require painting
    • Won’t bow
    • Won't warp
    • Won't peel


    The baked on waterborne finish makes this so popular and resistant. Before they are put together into a shutter, the materials are painted. This controls the painting process and allows for an evenly stained product which will never need to be touched up.

    Polycore vs. Polywood

    The aluminum core of polycore makes it possible for increased louver lengths. This makes it easier and viewing the outdoors less limited. Polywood is only made on smaller sizes to around 28 inches wide. Polycore on the other hand offers widths up to 36 inches wide.


    Our polycore shutters offer a lot for home and business owners. You’ll appreciate polycore because it offers the following:
    • Reinforced with an aluminum core
    • Will never crack or warp
    • Three times better than insulating with wood
    • Cannot be infested by termites
    • Will not be harmed by heat or moisture

    Window Expression

    With all the advantages to out shutters, it’s hard to think of a window without one. They will make your windows expressive while also providing them with function. A shutter that opens and closes allows for filtered sunlight to enter into your home.

    Choosing the Right Shutters

    Interior shutters can be really expensive but well worth the investment. Since they are a little more than blinds and shades, you need to be very careful in your decision to purchase them. Here are some things to look for when purchasing shutters:
    • Maintenance
    • Warranty
    • Color choice
    There are so many options and reasons why you should purchase polycore. It’s one shutter that’s quickly becoming popular among homeowners in Dayton. This is a type of shutter where you won’t ever need to replace again. It’s got everything you’re looking for and made from the finest materials.

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