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Shutter Company in TroyTroy, OH has an aquatic park, lots of choices for places to eat, malls and shopping centers galore and a window treatment contractor that’s been around since 2005. Our Dayton blinds company brings windows in the community back to life as we sell blinds, shutters, shades and more for the home and office.

Window film is becoming a new trend in window treatments. They are a better way to dress windows as they come in lots of different options and styles. Compared to drapes and curtains, they make a better asset as they don’t require any maintenance at all.

As far as varieties go, window film is available in fogged, decorative patterns, and one-way mirror. Widow film offers people the privacy they need. Some people even use window film as a way to decorate their windows inexpensively.

Advantages of window film:

  • Ornamental
  • Cost less than other types of treatments
  • Resourceful

Troy Shutters

Many of you who don’t know exactly what plantation shutters are in for a treat. They are interior shutters which provide a conventional fit onto windows all over the Ohio area. They are created of wooden slats and then mounted onto a solid frame.

They come in two general styles:

  • PVC
  • Wood

Finding the right wood stain, in order to get your shutters completed, can be worth the challenge they present a lot of people with. Plantation shutters are affordable and can increase the curb appeal of your home.

The shutters that you purchase from us are name brand. You won’t find these at just any home goods store. That’s because we carry the best and want that for our customers. They will make a beautiful addition to your home. Call our shutter company today for more details.

Troy Window Treatments

Seeking new window treatments? We have what you’re looking for at Carnation Blinds & Shutters. We offer everything from window film to shades that can blackout a room for privacy. Our selections are big and our prices are low.

Our window treatments provide:

  • Guaranteed privacy
  • Better room decoration
  • Energy control

You’re going to appreciate all that our window treatments can do for the home. The value of your home will go up as well as the appeal of the rooms you put them in. When you have our blinds and shades on your windows, everyone will know.

You can trust our shutter company as we are locally owned. This gives our customers the chance to have a personalized service done which they can afford. We can even service your treatments to make them longer lasting.

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