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Tips for Maintaining Your Valuable Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood Flooring KetteringHardwood flooring is costly, but the cost is worth it when you get to enjoy the beauty and value that it can bring your home. Because hardwood is so valuable and because it provides so many great benefits, you’ll want to keep your hardwood in excellent condition.

And good news: It’s simple enough to keep your hardwood flooring in the best possible condition! To do that, you simply need to follow a few simple procedures as mentioned below:

Use Floor Protectors on Your Furniture

One of the biggest contributors to the detriment of your hardwood flooring is your furniture. As you move it around, it will scratch and scuff your hardwood, leaving it pretty considerably damaged over time.

To avoid this issue, you need to be sure to use floor protectors on the furniture that makes contact with your hardwood flooring. Floor protectors will allow you to use your furniture all you need to without causing any harm to your valuable hardwood flooring.

Avoid Wet Mopping Your Hardwood

Wet mops don’t generally ring out all the water they absorb as thoroughly as your hardwood flooring would need them to. So, if you opt to wet mop your hardwood floors, over time they could begin to swell and cup because of the excess moisture.

To avoid that problem while still getting your hardwood flooring as clean as can be, opt for a dry mop solution instead. Or, if you’ve got the time and patience, you can scrub your hardwood flooring by hand with a well-rung rag.

Sweep and Mop REGULARLY

You might sweep and vacuum your home’s flooring maybe once every week or so when you have the time, energy, and drive to. But when it comes to your hardwood flooring, you should be a little more fastidious about your sweeping and vacuuming.

After all, as dust and dirt build up on your hardwood, it could begin to act as sandpaper when you walk about your floor, thus leading to scuffs and scratches. So, you need to be careful and regular with your sweeping routine to avoid this issue.

Get Professional Recoating

Of course, even with the most careful attention, your hardwood flooring will lose its sheen and luster over time. That’s just the nature of something that will endure the kind of constant use and friction that your hardwood flooring will.

While you can’t avoid that kind of wear, you can get that wear undone, and the process is simple enough: Just call your preferred hardwood experts. With a hardwood refinishing, your expert will get your hardwood looking beautiful and new again in no time.

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