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Why Are Fairborn Homeowners Choosing Polycore Shutters?

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Polycore ShuttersWood plantation shutters aren’t the only type of shutters that you should consider for your Fairborn home. Make sure that when you’re choosing new window treatments that you review the benefits of purchasing polycore shutters from a trusted blinds company.

5 Reasons to Purchase Polycore Shutters

  • Durability – Because of their synthetic composition and aluminum core, polycore shutters from a blinds company are extremely durable, and they aren’t prone to cracking, splitting, chipping, discoloring, and warping. They’re able to withstand heavy impact and strong winds, so they would fare well in locations that experience extreme weather.
  • Moisture and Fire Resistance – Polycore shutters aren’t just durable. They’re resistant to both fire and moisture as a result of their coat of baked ion waterborne paint, making them suitable for homes in locations that are susceptible to either flooding or wildfires.
  • Customization – Polycore shutters are custom-made window treatments that can be designed according to your specifications and the exact measurements of your home’s windows.
  • Sleek Appearance – Homeowners who prefer a modern style often opt for these shutters instead of wood plantation shutters, which tend to be more traditional. Polycore shutters from your blinds company will add a clean, polished look to your home.
  • Easy Maintenance – Polycore shutters require only minimal maintenance, and they can be cleaned with water and a gentle cleaning solution. Because of their extreme durability and moisture resistance, you won’t have to worry about frequent repairs or replacements.


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