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Blinds That Keep Heating Bills Lower in Huber Heights

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Living in Huber Heights, you’re prone to cold winds and snowfall come late November. This can be annoying or become your favorite time of the year as getting the right widow treatment will help to lower your energy bills.

There are many window treatments in today’s market that will help cut down on energy spending. Window treatments are an amazing way to lower energy bills because the window is the easiest spot for heat to escape.

Heat that escapes accounts for about 30% of your home’s heating bill. If you’ve noticed cold drafts entering in through your windows, you need a treatment that’s going to stop those unwanted drafts from coming in.

When it comes to our windows, there are lots of great treatments especially blinds. They are great because they can be manipulated to open and close upon your request. This helps filter in natural light or omit it.

Types of window blinds:

  • Wood
  • Faux wood

Wood window treatments look classy and can make any room of the home look elegant. Wood is a little more expensive than its predecessor but worth the money if you enjoy the all-natural look that only real wood offers.

Faux wood versions of window treatments are good if you choose to install them in areas with moisture conditions such as the bathroom or kitchen. Faux wood does not fade or warp like real wood can when exposed to water.

UV rays can fade carpets, furniture and even artwork. A good window treatment can save your home from this and protect your valuables more. Energy efficient window treatments will block almost all the harmful UV rays from coming in.

Not only will a quality window covering help lower your utility bills, but also help you out in the following ways:

  • Reduce energy use
  • Protect furniture and other valuables
  • Provide a more comfortable interior temperature

Heating the home means using the furnace. If you lived in Ohio long enough, then you are already prepared for the worst this winter. You don’t have to be so reliant on your furnace this year as window treatments will retain a majority of the heat.

By keeping your treatment closed, you’ll save more money as the heat cannot escape. You can save up to at least 20% or more just by purchasing new window treatments. This will help to keep the home cozier this year without excessive demand from your furnace.

Carnation Blinds & Shutters offers lots of blinds. Call and see for yourself as we bring the showroom to you. Our designers will help see to it that you get the very best in widow treatments. Don’t put it off another winter!

If you are looking for window blinds in Huber Heights then please call 937-643-2907 or complete our online request form.

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