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Woven Wood ShadesWoven wood shades are a widow treatment that’s got all you need as they are a combination of reeds and different grasses. They offer a rustic feel matching any contemporary setting in the home. They do this by adding an element of layer and texture. You’ll find they come in a wide array of colors giving them the warmth of nature’s organic textures. So whenever you’re ready to have new window treatments installed, be sure and call Carnation Blinds & Shutters about our products. Our Dayton shutter company will make your windows look new again.


Bamboo slats, grasses and various reeds are interwoven into this window treatment creating the base material for these shades. Along with being organic, they are environmentally sound as there are a lot of advantages of having these unique window treatments in the home.


Without any type of lining, these shades are still available to offer you privacy as well as the ability to view the outside. These levels of viewing vary with the various materials in which they are created from. Once sunlight enters through, the overall look shifts from day to day.

Edge Binding

In order to integrate these window treatments into the Dayton home, you need to take advantage of edge binding as a decorative option. Carnation Blinds & Shutters installs them any way you’d like. Strips of fabric are wrapped around the exposed edges to get a sense of how they coordinate with the rest of the space.


You’ll notice that your shades come with many advantages including the:

  • Easy adjustment
  • Conventional look
  • Natural beauty
  • Environmentally sound
  • Easy integration into décor
  • Better insulating values


When it comes to keeping the heat inside the home, nothing can control how much you lose except for window treatments. You’ll save more on your energy bills through the woven wood treatment and be a lot cozier.

Comfortable Temperatures

When it comes to getting the temperature right in the home, it can be tough because everybody has different ways if staying warm. Some people like to wrap themselves up in blanket while others like to blast the furnace at high settings.

No more will you have the need to blast the heat throughout the home. Window treatments can stop you from relying heavily on higher indoor temps. You’ll find that the temps are the same even with the thermostat lower.

No matter what type of window treatment you’re searching for, Carnation Blinds & Shutters carries a huge selection of them including woven wood shades. Our window coverings will help get you through another cold Ohio winter.

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