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Xenia Shutter CompanyXenia lies just outside of Dayton, OH. It’s a small town that was had booming industries. Now it is a quaint place where families enjoy walks in the park, shopping at the various centers and purchasing new window treatments from the friendly experts at Carnation Blinds & Shutters. Our Dayton blinds company has been a household name since 2005.

When remodeling or renovating the home, it’s vital that you include the windows. Windows are said to be the center of a home. Most homeowners don’t think of their windows as anything except protection from the outdoors.

Although our windows do protect us; they need protection as well. A well protected window is one that has been garnished with a window treatment. There are many different types of treatments for homes and commercial businesses.

When you start looking around at your friends and neighbor’s windows, you’ll notice that they have been treated with our products. There is a lot of benefits to having window treatments inside the home such as energy control.

Xenia Shutters

Many of today’s popular shutter types are made from vinyl. Vinyl shutters seem to be a trendy alternative to drapes and blinds. It’s a decorative way of dressing up a window and allowing for less cold air to come through.

Types of shutters:

  • Polycore
  • Plantation

Both are light in weight so there is no problem with them being hung on windows. Compared to other types of composites, these are the best. Polycore is so durable that it is almost impossible to damage or break. It is also resistant to scratching.

For better control of your windows and to make them look better, you can bet that our shutter company can deliver quality right to your front door. It’s our goal to see to it that you get the type of shutter you deserve.

Xenia Window Treatments

We have all been faced with the decision to purchase blinds or curtains at one point in our lives. If you have recently been faced with this; you can trust that Carnation Blinds & Shutters has a lot to offer as far as window treatments go.

Making the right choice:

  • Blinds and shades are better for privacy
  • You have less maintenance issues with window treatments
  • Custom drapery is very costly

Don’t make a bad decision; make one based on your wants and needs. You’ll enjoy new window treatments as they are durably built and always protecting the home. Call us for more details on how you can get yours on.

When seeking the best shutter company around, be sure and call 937-643-2907 . We know what you want and can have it delivered and set up in no time.

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Xenia, OH

If you are looking for a shutter company in Xenia then please call 937-643-2907 or complete our online request form.

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